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To make your booking experience simple, I skip the confusing, professional terms and choose to utilize session pricing.

I try to speak in a language that makes sense to you and simplify your options making it easier to book for what you need.

My sessions are based on timing, product needed, difficulty, and results as opposed to pricing on technique used to achieve your result.




Signature Haircut

Deluxe Haircut



Comes with a relaxing shampoo, condition, customized haircut, and blowout or styling lesson.

Signature Haircut + One of the following additions:

  1.  Scalp Facial: A luxurious service ideal for anyone dealing with a scalp condition or hair loss. Includes an extended scalp massage + a hot towel treatment.

  2. B3 Demi Permanent Conditioning Treatment: A long lasting treatment that is ideal for damaged, dull, or dry hair.  Cuts down frizz + blow dry time.

Includes a blowout or styling lesson.

Color Service


Sweet + Simple

Brighten + Refresh

Transform + Renew

Correct + Restore

2 hour session for someone who sees themself as having only 1 all over color or desires only face-framing highlighting.





3 hour session for someone who wants to maintain their current look but it's been 2-4 months so you need some highlights +/or lowlights, + tone refreshed

4 hour session for someone who needs an overhaul.  It's been a while (4-6+ months) and you are looking for an all over blonding service or a whole new look.

This is an ideal session for a major fix.  This is your dark box dye to blonding service. Your solution for color-gone-wrong. It is all inclusive and priced hourly at $100/hour

*Each session comes with a haircut + a blowout or styling lesson. 


Cover + Run

Tone + Treat

Mini Highlight




Utilizing my 10 minute root cover up, you can have your grays covered 100% within an hour. Must be booked within 6 weeks of your previous coloring appointment.

Detox your hair from the metals making your hair brassy + refresh your tone in 45 minutes!

Up to 6 strategically placed foils to brighten you up for a budget or schedule crisis.  Must be booked within 8 weeks of previous lightening service.

*The Express Service Menu is for EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY.

*Each service comes with a quick dry or product for air drying.

Express Service


Sweet + Simple


Brighten + Refresh


Transform + Renew


Correct + Resolve

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