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Looking for a new stylist? Here's what you need to know...

What I Offer

How to Book

After Booking

Day of Appointment

I offer session based pricing as opposed to the traditional a la carte.  I have found it simplifies the booking process for clients. Take a look below and find the service that fits you best!

Jump on over to my online booking page and select your service. It's super straight forward and easy to use!

Arrive at your appointment, grab a complimentary snack + drink, take a seat, and prepared to be refreshed!

Soon after booking I'll text you to touch base which will including a:

Welcome Packet

New Client Intake Form

Salon Policy Form

Salon Experience

When you're looking for a new stylist, "What should I expect?" is a very common question we ask ourselves! Here are 3 things you can anticipate on our first appointment together:

1) Upon your arrival, I will always give you a warm greeting and either direct you to my waiting area or to my chair.

2) We will have a thorough consultation about your hair goals, expected results, & price quote.

3) There is always a variety of complimentary snacks and beverages available at any time during your service.

NG Service optiions

Color Sessions

Sweet + Simple

Brighten + Refresh

Transform + Renew

Correct + Restore

This 2 hour session is perfect if you would describe yourself as someone who has or is wanting one all over color OR minimal/faceframing highlighting.

This 3 hour session is perfect for you if you want to maintain the dimensional look you have but it's been 2-4 months and you need some highlights +/or lowlights brought back up to the roots and a tonal refresh.

This 4 hour session is for a total overhaul.  It's been 4-6+ months since your last visit and you need an all over blonding session or are looking for a new look entirely.

This hourly priced service is for a major fix. This is your dark box dye to blonde service.  Your solution for color gone wrong.  This is an all inclusive service priced at $100/hour.





- All sessions include a haircut + blowout or styling lesson - 

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